4 Reasons You Should Consider Joining A Sorority!



4 Reasons You Should Consider Joining A Sorority


Growing up, when thinking about college, most girls think about being in a sorority. We want to go to college and be included in a big group of friends, dress up, and go to dances and parties. We want the “normal” college life. Personally, that wasn’t the case for me. I didn’t join a sorority until my junior year of college, though it ended up being the best decision of my life. Here are four reasons on why you should consider joining a sorority!

1. Friends, Friends and More Friends! 

Everyone expects that it’s easier to make friends in college. That is so far from the truth. Most college kids keep to themselves and don’t branch out. Being in a sorority puts you out of your comfort zone and you could meet your best friends!

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2. You Will Always Have Plans! 

Being busy is amazing in college. Down time only leads to more procrastination. You can always have people to eat dinner with, go shopping with, or even study with!

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3. It Doesn’t Deter You From Your Studies!

Most sororities are required to have study hours. Study hours are when you have to be at the library for a certain amount of hours per month. You might meet friends who are in the same classes, or even the same major. Don’t listen to the movies--sororities are not just about partying!

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4. Community Service!

Every sorority has a philanthropy. Which means you raise money for a specific reason. While making friends, memories, and keeping your grades up you are raising money for a great cause!

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Sororities aren’t what movies make them out to be. Sororities can be a huge blessing if you don’t forget about your studies! Start looking around your campus to see what group you would fit into! Happy Rushing!