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3 Quick Breakfast Ideas For People Who Skip Breakfast

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I know we’ve all heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, blah blah blah. But, if you stop to think about it, it’s pretty true. Breakfast is what sets you up for the rest of your day, it’s the first thing that hits your empty stomach in the morning, and it can determine how you feel throughout your day. So let that first meal be something that will be kind to your tummy. Especially if you’re someone who usually skips breakfast but wants to start adding it to your day, it’s important to start off light.

1. Oat meal with fruit

Oatmeal sounds like it’s for old people but once you start eating it you’ll understand why it’s such a hit at the nursing home. Not only is it easy on your stomach in the morning, but it comes in a ton of flavors- strawberry, cinnamon, apple, etc. You don’t have to accept the plain, gray bowl of mush as your breakfast. You can add in fruits (I like to add frozen berries), honey, yogurt, or whatever else you like. Although it’s tempting to make your oatmeal bowl look like art, remember that it’s going to be in your stomach in 5 minutes. If you’re still unsure, check out this Instagram account with tons of recipes!

2. Smoothie

On mornings when I’m not feeling hungry but know I need something in my stomach, I love to make a smoothie. Like oatmeal, you can customize smoothies to fit your taste and what you have on hand. And if you’re busy, it’s more convenient to drink your breakfast than sit down to eat it. I like to add fresh bananas, peanut butter, milk, and honey to my smoothies. Some days I’ll add frozen berries or even flaxseed. You can even add oats to your smoothie! Not only is this option healthy, but it tastes super good! It feels like you’re drinking sugar but really you’re getting a good portion of nutrients for your day. There are a ton of simple recipes available online, or you can make your own!

3. Air fried Hard Boiled eggs

Whether it’s an air fryer or an Instapot, making eggs in one is probably your fastest option! It’s a super good source of protein to start your day with some energy and can make itself while you’re getting ready. Although not a drink like a smoothie, it won’t take up a large portion of your time to eat in the morning. Make sure you check out your air fryer/Instapot ahead of time though so you know how to work it; I definitely did not know how to work mine the first time I used it. There are a lot of other recipes with eggs that you can make if you find it’s something you like!

Madison is a nursing major looking to spread kindness and understanding!
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