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3 Major Life Lessons I Learned This Semester

This semester kicked my ass, I was at some of the lowest points I've been in at in a while. However, I did learn new and valuable lessons along the way. I now present my 3 major life lessons that I learned this semester.

Boundaries Are Essential

Saying no to plans is okay. Saying that you need a night to yourself is okay. Not answering your calls, texts or emails right away is okay. You do not need to walk on eggshells and please everyone. You have the right to tell people that what they said was wrong and hurtful. Pleasing people and letting their emotions overshadow yours will only cause you pain in the long run.

Taking Time For Yourself Is Not A Crime

I have always struggled with balancing everything in my life. I work 30 hours a week on top of a full class schedule and it's hard. I sometimes forget that I am not invincible and that I am still human. A human who needs a break sometimes. It's not a crime to get behind a little. It's not a crime to ask for extensions because you're exhausted from life. It's not a crime to not pick up that extra shift. You may feel bad at the moment, but taking care of yourself should always be your main priority.

Life Is Literally Not Meant To Be Taken So Seriously

We are on a floating rock in an endless space. Need I say more? Probably. I've stopped caring about a lot of things. I've stopped stressing myself out to the point of a panic attack. Life is meant to be lived. That's literally the whole point. Stop caring about what everyone else is doing. In 5 years, they aren't even going to be on your radar. Do what makes you the happiest. Don't do things because you feel like you have to or because it MIGHT make you look better. Just do you. 

I'm just trying to get by. Sometimes that's all that matters. I'm okay with not knowing everything anymore. It's scary, but I'd rather not want to stress myself to exhaustion. You just gotta get a cold glass of water and kick your feet, ya dig?

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