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You might know some these songs, but are they a vibe for the Fall season? Maybe!

10) “Super Freak”- Rick James
Perhaps this song has a bit more of a Halloween vibe, but it is TIMELESS over multiple decades and the entire autumn season.

9) “Wake Me Up When September Ends”- Green Day
I mean, September has ended… but we all still feel sleepy. This one might be a little more well-known, but it’s perfectly appropriate for this time of year.

8) “Autumn Leaves” – Ed Sheeran
This song has somber energy to it. Not only does it encapsulate the energy of fall, but it’s also reminiscent of another song on this list (wait and see!).

7) “Cinnamon Girl”- Lana Del Ray:
Lower and slower than the other songs on this list, Lana writes this song that gives a strong reminder of the autumn season.

6) “Dreams”- Fleetwood Mac:
If you know Fleetwood Mac, you already know, but even if you aren’t a die-hard fan of the group, you’ve certainly heard this iconic song before.

5) “Down to Earth”- Justin Bieber:
Keeping with the title’s themes of leaves falling ‘down to earth.’ The vibe of the song feels a little more emotional, almost like the energy you feel during the cold weather. Besides this, the song was released during the autumn season—November 17th, 2009—further emphasizing the Fall energy around the song.

4) “Homecoming”- Kanye West, Chris Martin:
Not every Fall Vibes song has to be slow or sad! Homecoming is of course a celebration of welcoming people somewhere (usually students back to school), and this bop definitely has a welcoming feeling—with lyrics about “coming home again” and an upbeat backing track.

3) “Sweater Weather”- The Neighborhood:
Okay, maybe this one isn’t exactly underrated, but it definitely was a hit from a while back that you might’ve not heard in a while. Themes of sweaters and colder weather totally exemplify the change in season. The harmony of this song just feels low and cold, and I think there’s some kind of wind/ breeze noise on the track too.

2) “The Best Day”- Taylor Swift:
Although the first verse in this song has Fall descriptions, the reason I added this song to the list is for its theme of seasons. This song is about Swift’s relationship with her mom, and her comfort from her mom being a constant in her life, throughout the many seasons of her growth. Emotional trigger warning: this song will very likely make you cry and miss the mom in your life.

1) “The Fall Song” – Bridgit Mendler : (The most underrated song of them all):
Maybe not all of these songs are “underrated” in the sense that you’ve never heard of them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t know of this one. This song is literally titled “The Fall Song” and has lyrics around themes of Fall—“set the clocks back,” “picking up leaves,” “snuggled up on the sofa,” etc. As I mentioned before, Ed Sheeran’s song “Autumn Leaves” certainly feels reminiscent of this song, only a little more somber. Bridgit Mendler is best known for her acting on the Disney channel (Teddy- Good Luck Charlie), but her Hello, My Name Is album is quite fantastic—in my opinion—and this song has the most accurate Fall vibes on this list, while also being one of the most pleasant to hear.

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