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10 Men We Wouldn’t Mind as Leprechauns

In celebration of the upcoming holiday Saint Patrick’s Day, we’ve rounded up a few men who we wouldn’t mind causing havock in our houses at all hours of the night like the mythological leprechauns of Ireland. 


Devon Usher

Dieter Truppel

Tijin Elbers

Ed Sheeran

Michael McCaughley

Johnny Harrington

Jan Siegmund

Andre Klitze

Benedict Cumberbatch

Olivier Langhendries

Rupert Grint (Because we can’t help ourselves…)

Just in case these lovely gentlemen weren’t enough for you, check out The Red Hot Project by Thomas Knight for more Saint Patrick’s Day inspiration!

Victoria Stone is a Freshman at IUP majoring in middle level education with a specialty in social studies. When she is not studying or eating, she enjoys spending her time outdoors, doing yoga, or attempting the impossible crafts on Pinterest. This year, her New Year's resolution is to run a 5K.
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