Why You Need to See "One Day in April"

It’s finally here: Little 500. The infamous week of crazy parties that IU students wait all year for. However, there’s so much more to Little 5 than partying. IU Alumnus Tom Miller explores this in his new documentary, “One Day in April.” The movie follows four bike teams: Delta Gamma, Teter, Delta Tau Delta and Cutters, as they shed blood, sweat and tears training all year for Little 500. Before making "One Day in April," Miller had previously worked on the Obama campaign and made a short film, “All We’ve Built,” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

“One Day in April” will be premiering Fri., April 24 at the Buskirk Chumley. Visit the BC website or box office to purchase tickets and to learn more about the movie.

“One Day in April” is a must-see for all Hoosiers, and here are the top three reasons why:

1. It’s going to be an IU classicWe’ve all seen “Breaking Away” and “Hoosiers.” “One Day in April” is the next IU classic.  After all, what’s more IU than Little 500? Imagine a documentary version of “Breaking Away.” Director Tom Miller said, “’One Day in April’ was envisioned as an inside look at the Little 500 season.” Basically, you need to watch “One Day in April” now. Be ahead of the game before everyone is talking about it.

2. It’ll prepare you for race day“One Day in April” is about the Little 500 race itself. Watching the movie will prepare you for the actual men’s and women’s races. Instead of sitting in the stands bored and wondering when the race is going to be over, you can watch and actually understand what is happening, know who some of the top teams are, and recognize all the work that goes into making the two races a success.

3. It’ll remind you why we have Little 500This movie is an ode to IU, the Little 500 race and the Midwest itself. “One Day in April” brings back why we have Little 500 in the first place. It isn’t just an excuse to party all week (though that’s a nice perk). Little 500 exists because of two bike races. “One Day in April” goes behind the scenes and shares the joy and pain the riders go through. These riders train all year for literally one day out the year. There’s only one chance to win. This is why Little 500 exists.  Yes, have fun and enjoy the parties. “One Day in April” is just saying let’s acknowledge the work these riders are putting in and support Little 500 for what it is at its core: a bike race.

Check out “One Day in April” this Fri., April 24 at the Buskirk Chumley. This really is a must-see as an IU student and Hoosier. Happy Little 500!

* Images courtesy of Tom Miller/"One Day in April"