Why it's Okay to Gain a Little Weight Over the Holidays

Gaining weight: an inevitable fear that most people face at one point or another in their lifetime. Society has created the idea that women have to have a big, yet fit butt, a perfected hourglass figure, and a flat stomach to match. These standards are nearly impossible to achieve, let alone keep up with. If you fear gaining weight over the upcoming holiday season, don’t worry! Here’s why it’s okay to gain a little weight over the holiday season:


You’re actually eating GOOD FOOD.

At least for me, college food will never be as delicious as my mom’s pasta or my dad’s mad grilling skills. You have the opportunity to bliss out on the best food for a limited amount of time, so go for it. If you gain a couple pounds, at least you know it was worth it.


Two words. Cookie pouch.

How else are you supposed to fit those Christmas treats in there?


You have so much time to work it off.

The snow just started to fall and you aren’t breaking out the shorts until spring break. You have plenty of time to hit the gym after the holidays to get your body looking hot for the upcoming bikini season. That’s what New Years Resolutions are for…. right?


You shouldn’t have to avoid your favorite hometown restaurants.

One of the best things about being home for the holidays is visiting all of your favorite restaurants. Giving that up in an attempted effort to keep the weight off during the holidays just isn’t worth it. It’s just not.

Live a little.

Anyone who knows me knows I will never deprive myself of the good things in life, food being at the top of the list. As long as you live a healthy lifestyle, remain active on a daily basis, and feel good about your body, it’s okay to enjoy a piece of peppermint bark and a plate of cheesy potatoes.

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