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TV Characters With The Cutest Style

Ashley, Revenge
Ashley Madekwe isn’t a huge character in the new hit series Revenge, but she deserves some recognition for bringing some life to the simple wardrobe of the Hamptons! She is always wearing something sexy, feminine and bright with bold jewelry. She is always wearing a dress or skirt; so if you want to dress like Ashley, put your jeans away for a lazy day and put on your highest heels! Oh, and don’t forget to mix and match with patterns and colors. This is a must for her style!

Aria, Pretty Little Liars

The girls in Pretty Little Liars are nothing short of adorable. Although they each have their own style, we can’t help but point out Aria’s bold, unique attire. Whether she is going to school or sneaking around with her ex-teacher, current boyfriend Mr. Fitz, she is definitely dressed for an occasion! If you want to try out Aria’s look, simply add a black leather jacket and dark accessories to an otherwise very girly outfit.  

Sookie, True Blood
What’s not to love about this sweet, innocent, country girl?  Okay—maybe she hasn’t been that innocent in the last few seasons ofTrue Blood, but she still has that charming Southern Belle look we all love! Anna Paquin’s character Sookie has such a cute, girly wardrobe! Her look is a timeless style, perfect for spring and summertime. If she’s not wearing a pastel sundress like the one shown here, she’s probably in her Merlotte’s uniform (and she even looks cute in that!). To pull off the Sookie Stackhouse look, put on a simple sundress with flats or low heels and go light on the accessories and make-up.

Jess, New Girl
Although Zooey Deschannel’s role in New Girl might be that of an awkward girl with a bizarre sense of humor, her fashion style is anything but! Zooey’s style is fun, colorful, and appropriate for various occasions, like a casual day on campus or work as a schoolteacher (just to be clear—if you’re going to be teaching, make sure the length of your dress or skirt is suitable!).  If you’re looking for an outfit similar to Ms. Deschannel’s, check out the online-store Modcloth. They carry all sorts of styles, and the prices are very reasonable!

Joan, Mad Men
Joan’s look is so fabulous that she’s coined the term “Joan dress.” If you haven’t seen Mad Men, we suggest you check it out. Joan’s style is vintage and is perfect for the workplace, especially if you’ve been blessed with curves!  To achieve this sexy, yet elegant look you can start by searching online. Literally Googling “Joan dress” will get you tons of results! If you want to put your own Joan-look together, there’s a Tumblr for that—it’s called What Would Joan Wear

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