Tragedy Strikes Greek Life

For most students, Greek Life is associated with friendships, the tier system, philanthropies, competitions and most significant- partying. While the Greek system gives students the opportunity to network and meet lifelong friends, people often disregard the dangers of it all.

You hear banter on college campuses about certain houses getting kicked off or suspended because of alleged rapes, drug possession, hazing etc. When this happens, most students don’t think of the magnitude of their offenses, they think of their disturbed social opportunities. However, when something like the tragic death of the FSU pledge happens, you can’t help but wonder if that will happen on your campus.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, here is a little background to my argument that Greek life could potentially do more harm than good if things don’t change.

A few days ago, a 20-year old fraternity pledge at FSU was found dead. Alcohol was suspected to be involved as the body was found the morning after a party at an off campus house. The University has released statements expressing their condolences to the family and friends associated with the late pledge. However, FSU has gone above what is typically expected. University President, John Thrasher, has banned alcohol at student events, ultimately putting a halt to sorority and fraternity life on campus.

As a Florida native involved in Greek life at Indiana, this is quite frightening. Yes, I have been affected by the array of horror stories that accompany our life style. However, this hits a little harder considering this incident happened at a school where some of my friends go and resulted in the most heart wrenching and final endings-death.

I will be forever grateful for the life my sorority sisters and fraternity friends have given me. Yet, in the grand scheme of things it is hard to justify its importance. It is hard to look past death so that the mere act of having a party or meeting a new significant other can occur.

Greek life has become an uncontrollable animal. It seems as though the nature of the amazing system has gone beyond its ability to form unbreakable bonds. It has become a system that scares parents, affects the health of students and breaks the hearts of families who have to deal with a loss like this.

I’m not hating on Greek life in any way, I am merely hoping that those involved or looking to get involved will shift their focus away from partying and try and revert back to the greatness of the system.

I send my thoughts and prayers out to those affected by this situation and I can only hope that Greek life everywhere may learn and grow from this unfortunate occurrence. 

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