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Before Things Get Busy

Before things get busy, I'd like to thank IU. Cliché, I know, but with the end of the year quickly approaching, finals season right around the corner, and Little 500 on the horizon-- I've decided to take the time now to thank Indiana University for the best freshman year I could have ever possibly had.

I dove into a world completely opposite of the one that I was used to. Location, people, routine-- everything was different. However, the beauty, magic, and spirit of this campus took my mind off of everything I left behind.

Before I knew it, I was thriving-- meeting new people and sharing new experiences. Bloomington has taught me everything about surviving in a small, college town-- where to eat, what to wear, what parties to go to, and who kind of people to surround myself with. Like any college freshman, I went through my highs and lows. But, I figured something was right when my highs out-weighed my lows 10 to 1.

Knowing that I stepped out of my comfort zone and succeeded gives me nothing but excitement for the future, and I owe all of that to IU. The tailgates, warm spring days, Quals, nights spent eating Mother Bears, sports media classes-- thanks for all of it. The magic of IU is unparalleled. 


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