The Stages Of Getting Ready

Part of a night out is getting ready. It’s the exciting moment when you transform yourself from looking like Medusa to Kylie Jenner. It’s a social setting when all of your friends meet in the same place to choose outfits and get pumped about the night ahead. Sometimes, it’s all fun and games. Other times, it’s more stressful than studying for a midterm you know nothing about.

First: My curly hair has to be blown out and straightened after every shower and not going to lie, this process is really complicated and gets really old. This was so much easier when I was home and my mom could do it for me. But after my hair is done, I’m feeling pretty accomplished.

Then: I do my makeup at my vanity. I never had one of these at home but I don’t know how I ever survived without one. Makeup doesn’t take me especially long since I only really wear eye makeup. And a girl’s gotta have some color in the winter, so I layer bronzer all over my face. Shout-out to my friends from back at home who make fun of me for this.

Around this time is when my friends barge into my room demanding me to hurry up. Somehow (for reasons I'll never understand) they are completely ready with an hour and a half to spare. How?? Okay, fine. I’ll hurry up. Now I’m feeling the stress.

But nothing compares to the amount of stress I’m about to experience.

THE WORST PART: Picking out an outfit. Unless I bought a new skirt that I've perfectly coordinated in my head, this is worse than running the mile in middle school gym class. This literally makes my anxiety skyrocket. I'll even consider staying in instead of going out if I don't have an outfit planned. I have a closet so packed with clothes it’s too hard to navigate! And somehow, I still have nothing to wear. This is the longest part of the process. By the end, I have about fifty articles of clothing in a pile on my bed that I must clean up by the next morning.

Finally, I am ready! Still, my friends are yelling at me for being the last one like always. Well, maybe that’s something I should work on. The tedious process of getting ready becomes worth it the moment I walk into the party and begin having the time of my life.

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