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The Spring Break Series: Keeping Yourself Safe on Your Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IU chapter.

Spring break is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated weeks in any college student’s spring semester. Midway through March when tensions are high and morale is at an all time low, students travel to various locations to party, relax, or explore with family or friends. Although this break is the best way to loosen up and get ready to finish up the year, it is also important to keep yourself safe when traveling to new and exciting places.


Use the buddy system.

Whether you’re hitting the beaches in Fort Lauderdale or galavanting through the streets of Italy, making sure you have a buddy with you is crucial. Besides, it’s way more fun exploring a new place with one of your closest friends by your side.


Don’t accept anything from strangers.

Being aware of your surroundings and always watching is extremely important, especially when there is a high volume of tourists in your destination. You never know what someone’s intentions may be and there is no reason to risk your life for it. Keep an eye on your drinks and don’t accept things from people you don’t know.


Be sure that the hotel or condo that you will be staying at is in a safe location.

Although it is so tempting to rent out the cheapest, dingiest place to crash with a bunch of your friends, be sure that the place you will be staying at is in a relatively safe location. Make sure that you know what kinds of locks the doors have, what the security looks like, and what the neighborhood or surrounding area looks like before booking your hotel or condo.


Don’t overdo it.

Spring break is a great time to let loose. However, overdoing it by drinking too much or even spending too much time in the sun can put your life at risk. Have fun, but know your limits. Also, wear sunscreen!


Have fun.

It’s cliche, but spring break in college is one of the greatest weeks in a college student’s four years. Have fun and be safe!

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