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Spring Break Reading List

Whether you are going to be lounging on the beach or lounging in your bed, spring break is definitely a perfect time to forget about the stresses of school and just relax! It can be in the sun or inside but what better way to relax than to get lost in a book? Some of our suggestions to make for a more literary spring break 2015:

1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Throughout her adolescence, Lara Jean wrote letters to all of the crushes she had in which she encapsulated her feelings for them, however, she would write, seal, and slip them into a box under her bed, never intending for them to be seen. One day, Lara finds that the box under her bed is gone, meaning that her letters to her first kiss, her summer camp loves, and even her sister’s ex-boyfriend are no longer at her disposal. Lara learns to handle her former crushes and loves face to face and realizes perhaps these letters will bring something good. As part of Lauren Conrad’s book clubTo All The Boys I’ve Loved Before will certainly make for an emotional and relatable companion on the beach, along with your frosty drink. 


2. The Fire Sermon by Francesca Haig

400 years into the future in this dystopian page turner, lies a radiation fallout that leaves every person born with a twin, either you’re the Alpha (good) or the Omega (bad). While the Alpha harbors all of the good talents and privileges, when one twin dies so does the other. At the center of the book is a  set of twins, Cass, a rare Omega with psychic capabilites, and Zach the Alpha who holds power on the Alpha council. Cass has dared to dream the unimaginable: a world of equality, a world where she and Zach can stand side by side. And when both the Council and the Resistance have her in their sights, we see The Fire Sermon take on a somewhat Mockingjay atmosphere. 


3. Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham

One of our favorite Girls stars takes to the pages to tell you all she has “learned” throughout her years. Dunham leaves her readers laughing, sympathizing, and nostalgic in her entertainging, heartfelt, and relatable memoir. Amongst its pages, readers will come across everything from Dunham’s loss of her virginity to having to tackle proving herself to a room full of men twice her age. Not That Kind Of Girl is entirely bold and honest, one us college girls should be reading. 


4. The Rachel Papers by Martin Amis

In this coming of age novel from London circa 1973, narcissistic Oxford student hopeful, Charles Highway is on the verge of turning 20 when he finds himself falling in love with Rahcel Noyes, a girl who challenges his cynicism. After meeting at a party, Rachel is charmed by his wit and cocky persona, however, she is unattainable for Charles. Rachel has an American visiting boyfriend, which leads Charles to employ and carefully calculate schemes to steal her away, which he chronicles in “The Rachel Papers”. The Rachel Papers is sure to leave you touched and perhaps inspired to challenge the next man who comes your way. 



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