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Spring Break Preparation Struggles

Spring Break is in a week, and while that’s all good and exciting, getting through these next few days is a true test to our willpower. It’s been difficult, mentally and physically preparing for the wildest trip of our lives. From a strict diet to cumbersome exercise, you would think we are training for a triathlon! But I can almost feel the sand in between my toes. We’ve come too far to give up now. 

There are two things, however, that I can’t seem to get under control: eating and working out. Now I’m not the best eater, but I’m certainly not the worst. I’ll crave my 2 AM Taco Bell, naturally, but you’ll never find me sitting at their drive-thru on a Wednesday night. I take my high-calorie fast food in small doses. But man, this diet is making these shameful urges stronger than normal. 

I literally want to eat everything under the sun, but I keep reminding myself that Spring Break is almost here. So I put down the ice cream and opt for a healthier option instead. I mean, who wants ice cream when you can have a delicious stick of celery? Mmmm, great. This diet is taunting me, I swear. Oreos are calling my name, begging, pleading to be eaten. But no, I cannot break. They’ll still be there in a week. C’mon Emily, get your head in the game.

Still, late-night eating is a common diet downfall. We’ve all been there. It’s what you eat that is a true indicator as to how drunk you were the night before. When you wake up to an empty Pizza X box, greasy cheesy bread remnants, and dried out dipping sauces, that’s a sign of definite blackout status. It is these grave morning discoveries that I really question my decision-making. What was I thinking? Do better. 

I’m thankful everyday that I have a gym in my apartment building. It’s the only way I can balance the poor choices I’ve made; I feel like all my sins have been forgiven. The pizza, the Doritos, boom gone. It’s like they never even happened! The real struggle though is getting up to actually go to the gym. But, a girl’s got to do what she’s got to do. This Spring Break body isn’t going to happen on its own.

So before you decide to go on Spring Break, as yourself this: can you handle this preparation? God knows I’m struggling. It’s not as simple as packing a suitcase and getting on a plane. As much as I want to be lying on the beach, eating a hamburger sounds a hell of a lot better. 

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