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Sorority Series: Delta Gamma

Official Name: Delta Gamma

Nickname: DG                 

Founded: in1873 in Oxford, Mississippi, at the Lewis School for Girls

Motto: “Do Good.”

Colors: Pink, Bronze, and Blue

Mascot: The Hannah Doll

Symbol: Anchor

Flower: Cream colored rose

Philanthropy: Service for Sight

Famous DG’s: Patricia Heaton- Actress on Everybody Loves Raymond.
Ann Coulter- Author of five New York Times bestsellers.
Sarah Tilghman Hughes- First female federal judge.

Day in the Life of Delta Gee: Walking into the huge house of 105 N. Jordan, all you can hear is a buzz of happy laughing voices. Everywhere you look girls are studying everything from Pre Law to Foreign Language, chowing down on cheesy bread, and watching Law and Order SVU episodes on the first floor. Upstairs girls gossip about their long days and share their deepest secrets. This house that holds 115 ladies has become a place of family and security for all Delta Gammas.

“DG is a place where I can fart in my room and my roommates will still come back five minutes later and love me….well more like ten minutes!” –Kelli Millar

“DG is a place where my weaknesses can become my strengths and my friends become my family. ” –Natalie Gutkin

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