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Quick and Easy Super Bowl Snacks

We’ve spent a lot of time at Super Bowl parties in our lifetime, and by “Super Bowl parties,” we mean at the snack table. We don’t know much about the Super Bowl, but we know a lot about snacks. Sweet, salty, crunchy… cue the mouth watering. Because of this invaluable time spent at the snack table, we’ve have begun to notice a Super Bowl party snack trend. It is time to break the cycle people. Let’s put some life back into our veggie trays and cheese balls! Although re-inventing your Super Bowl menu may seem like a daunting task, it is not. Because of our superior snack knowledge, and our non-existent Super Bowl knowledge, we’re here to ease your anxiety, and compile some of the best snacks for Super Bowl XLVII (with a twist), so that even though you may have no idea what’s happening on the flat screen, you will know exactly what you are making for the table in front of it.

Chips and Salsa

Eating a chip dipped in a bowl of spicy salsa or tangy guacamole may be one of the most beautiful experiences a person can have. While we hate the idea of foregoing chips and guac this gameday, we love the idea of skipping a step between picking up a chip and putting it our my mouth. No more dipping? Love it. (Skip the hassel of making your own chips, and go buy some Tostidos Scoops.)

Pizza Poppers

It has been proven that people love football with a side of pizza, and we would never deny anyone the glory that is bread topped with sweet sauce and melted cheese. However, we are a firm believer that the shape of your food can make it even more exciting… like curly noodles in your spaghetti for example. I know what you’re thinking, “Pizza can’t get any better.” And we thought the same, until we ate a piece of pizza in a roll rather than a triangle.

Pigs in a Blanket

No football game would be complete without hotdogs. Forget the bun, and wrap that dog in a crescent roll.

Soft Pretzels

For a twist on your usual twists, make soft pretzels. Your party goers will be calling you “Auntie Anne” by the end of the night.

You won’t be able to “touchdown” to your toes after eating all of these delicious foods, and neither will your guests. So “ready, set, hike” to the store and get what you need, because these snacks are good enough to make your boyfriend forget you ever offended him by asking who was playing this year.

Junior at Indiana University, Mary is majoring in English with a minor in Studio Art. When she is not writing for one of her favorite online magazines, Her Campus, she can be found living it up at the 411, home to Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, eating yet another burrito at Chipotle, or traveling around Europe. Mary's life goals: continue writing for years to come, fit into the jeans she wore freshman year, and have children with British accents.
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