The Perfect Gift for Your Boyfriend Based on His Personality

The holidays are one of the happiest times of the year, no doubt. You shouldn’t be spending them worrying about finding the perfect gift for your SO! HCIU put together a complete list of gifts your boyfriend will love based off of his personality.


If he’s into sports…


Tickets for both of you to see his favorite team play

If you’re into the same teams and sports as he is, it’s a win-win!


College Merch

You can never have too many college crews and tees.


If he’s into music…


Record player/records

Vinyl is all the rage and if he appreciates a good tune, he’ll appreciate it 500 times more if it’s on vinyl.



The sound quality on a nice pair of headphones makes all the difference.


Concert Tickets

Any time you can gift an experience, do it. Memories are some of the best gifts you can give.


If he’s into fashion…



As much as I hate to say it, fashion sweats and joggers look GOOD on guys. It’s a great thing that 90 percent of the male collegiate population wears them on a daily basis.



Any guy who’s into fashion will appreciate a good quality watch.


Grooming Set

If he’s into fashion, odds are he likes to smell good, feel good, and look good. A fancy shaving kit will make his mediocre shaving routine 10 times better.


If he’s social…


A Flask

A well-made flask is something that every guy in their twenties dreams of. You can personalize it to make it even more special.

A nice bottle of his favorite liquor

You cannot go wrong with this. You just can’t.

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