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Nick Van Gorp ’13

Name: Nicholas Van Gorp
People call me: Nick Mango
Year: Senior
Age: 23

Major & career goals: Economics/Entrepreneurship, hoping to work as a consultant/venture capitalist
Hobbies: I’m extremely competitive in CrossFit. I get made fun of all the time, but it’s developed in to a lifestyle. Favorite song: Wicked Games – The Weeknd
Favorite movie: Angels and Demons
Favorite Btown bar: Kilroy’s

My style is… preppy (J.Crew)
What I love most about IU is… the atmosphere, and basketball season
Most romantic thing I’ve done for a girl… There was a time when I did not see my girlfriend for over a month, so I decided to drive up to Chicago and surprise her with flowers when she got off her train at the train station. She was so shocked, she couldn’t even put a full sentence together.
It’s 11:30 pm on a Friday night, you can find me… hanging out with all of my roommates on our deck..anyone is welcome to join!

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