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Natalie Rowthorn: Indiana Daily Student Opinion Editor

THE BASICS:Name: Natalie RowthornAge & Year: 21, juniorHometown: Pepper Pike, OHMajor: Journalism with a concentration in international studies; French minorExtra Curriculars: Independent Council for Women at IU, Club Field Hockey, reading, making playlists, eating CheeriosSister or Independent: IndependentDream Job: Opinion columnist for the New York Times

FAVES:TV Show:  This is an impossible question. Either “Gossip Girl” or “The Vampire Diaries”. I also loved to watch “Monk” when it was still running.B-Town Restaurant: Anatolia’s. Hands down.Movie: I quote "Mean Girls" whenever possible. But I could watch “The Devil Wears Prada” everyday and never get sick of it.Ice Cream Flavor: I am most dedicated to mint chocolate chip. But chocolate-flavored anything is good enough for me.Dog or Cat: Dog. Is that even a question? One does not snuggle with an animal that could claw your eyes out.Thing About IU: My favorite thing about IU is just the school spirit I see everyday. People are so passionate about being Hoosiers; it makes me feel passionate, too.
HCIU: Where do you get your inspiration for your opinion pieces?NR: I always make sure that I’m writing about topics that are not only important to me, but that should also be important for other IU students. I want people to read my columns, so they should be relevant and time-worthy. I want to make people care about something. I look around me, and think about how something could be different or changed for the better. 
HCIU: What have you learned about journalism from the IDS? NR: I’ve learned that deadlines are actually a thing. You’ve got to meet them and you’ve got to hold yourself accountable. Also, just go with the flow.
HCIU: What's the hardest thing about writing opinion pieces?NR: I would say the hardest thing is that you are putting your own thoughts in a public space. You are opening yourself up to criticism and opposition, which can be a little intimidating. But receiving feedback, good or bad, can only help me for the future.
HCIU: Is there one column your most proud of?NR: Yes, I wrote a column titled, “Homeless humans” last semester about Bloomington homelessness. It is an issue that I find is too often overlooked or even ignored. I received several emails from people I’ve never met, telling me how happy it was for them to see the topic being covered. It’s rewarding experiences like these that remind me why I keep doing what I’m doing.
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Rachel Kantrowitz is a junior at Indiana University. She is majoring in Political Science with minors in journalism and history. Aside from writing for Her Campus IU, Rachel is also the Social Committee Chair for Independent Council at IU and spent her summer interning at a magazine in London! Some of her favorite things include shopping, her hometown, Boston, traveling and thursdays at KOK.
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