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March Madness for Dummies

You’ve heard it all week. It’s sweet sixteen time. And no, we’re not talking about the MTV show we all used to be embarrassingly addicted to.
Of course we all love Hoosier basketball. We root them on. We deck ourselves out in IU gear. We go to the games. We drink when they when. Heck, we will even drink if they loose (which won’t happen, by the way) But let’s be honest, no matter how much school pride we have, there are still a few things some of us are left in the dark about.

First things first: We should all know this, but just in case, it’s sort of/kind of a major deal that we are in the Sweet 16 for the March Madness tournament. This is the first time in ten years. March Madness is a single-elimination tournament.
At the start of the basketball season, 345 teams stepped on the floor in hopes of making it big this month. And with cream and crimson pride, we are in the top 16 of those.

You all know the song “This is Indiana” that we belt out be it a tailgate, house party, or at the bars. Well, the part that goes “we got banners on the wall” stems from March Madness. We have five national titles. Bring on more, baby!

68 teams are featured for March Madness.  The teams are then split into four regions. These include South, West, Midwest, and East.
If we beat UK (Ew! Those letters hurt to type) this Friday, we will be in the Elite Eight. After that, it’s on to the Final Four. Ultimately- there is a national championship which usually takes place in early April.  

(Hey Kentucky, remember this? See you Friday.)

You’ve already joined the movement. What more does a girl need to know about basketball?
These are just a few of many March Madness facts that everyone can appreciate. So, before you cheer on your Hoosiers this Friday, whip out some b-ball knowledge to your guy friends. It’s sure to… score.

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