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Laugh Out Loud Valentine’s Day Cards

HCIU couldn’t help but do a quick write-up of fellow writer, Mackenzie Conner’s unique Valentine’s Day cards. You can find them on Etsy and trust us you’ll them… all of them! 

Around a year ago I discovered etsy and was immediately obsessed. I loved shopping through all the cute listings, but most of all I was happy to find a place to sell my own handmade things! It took me a while to set it up but now I have pretty consistent sales of my knitted headbands. It wasn’t until recently that I thought of a more unique angle!

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I was thinking about cards to make for my friends. They had to be unique and fun, and I got the idea to use our favorite rap lyrics. I thought it would be an ironic twist to have old-fashioned valentines with messages that would make your grandmother flinch! After designing the cards on Photoshop, I uploaded them to etsy in a PDF file format, so my customers can print them out themselves! Instead of making a physical product and then shipping it, all I have to do is send an email.

Tell your special someone just how much you love it when they shake it in them jeans. These valentines feature such romantic poetry as “How your waist anorexic, then your ass is colossal?” and “What I gotta do to get you home?” I’m so excited my Valentine’s Day doodles can reach a wider audience! 

Check out these Valentine’s and all of Conner’s crafts at http://www.etsy.com/shop/birdfriend?ref=seller_info

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