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The Latest Fashion Frenzy: When Life Hands You Lululemons

Many girls (and almost every guy) were crushed when the 7th grade trend of wearing Solow’s and Hard Tail’s went out of style. For a long period of time, girls of all ages traded in their yoga pants for leggings, causing quite the controversy if leggings could actually be considered pants. Sorry leggings, but the hottest new workout-clothing designer Lululemon has resurrected your biggest competitor from a fashion-suicide related death.

So what exactly are these so called Lululemon yoga pants everyone is speaking of? Well, Lululemon is a high quality, not to mention high priced, workout clothing line for men and women. However, if you do not work out, there is no need to feel limited by the yoga or running categories on the Lulu website. While intended for workout related purposes, many girls who are constantly sporting the latest pair of Lulu’s have never actually played a sport in their life. HCIU describes the three kinds of Indiana girls who wear Lulu’s:

  1. The Strictly Lulu “Athlete”:  This girl wears only Lululemon workout gear as she struts into the SRSC Briscoe. Between her Lulu Groove Pants and Scoop Neck tank, she is a Lululemon product away from wearing a Lulu tampon. While it can be considered respectable that she actually works out in her Lulu gear, the strictly Lulu “Athlete” probably wouldn’t be caught dead in anything BUT Lulu. “Like, how can people be expected to workout in Soffe shorts anymore… gross.”
  2. The “Because I Miss My Solow’s” Girl: This girl probably could never bear throwing her Solow’s and Hardtail pants out of her closet when the trend died out years ago. While she doesn’t care for working out, she will jump at any opportunity to rock yoga pants because they are waaay more comfortable than leggings.
  3. The “Trend-follower”: Why wear Lululemon? Because they are expensive and all of my friends are wearing them, duh.

There you have it. Whether you are an athlete or a girly-girl, you may want to try on a pair of these comfy pants. Who knows… maybe this time around they will last longer than the pink Solow’s in the back of your closet. 

Rachel Kaplan is currently a Junior at Indiana University. She is an active writer and Campus Correspondent for the IU Chapter of Her Campus. Rachel is majoring in Journalism with a double minor in Art History and Studio Art. While originally from Philadelphia, she hopes to move to New York City after graduation and pursue a career in Public Relations. Often found in Starbucks, Rachel loves to sip on her iced coffee while she writes, edits, and brainstorms articles for HCIU. Rachel is a proud sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi and is looking forward to living in the Phi house next year. She loves tennis, writing, OPI nail polish, the Hoosiers, gummy bears, and spending time with her family and friends.Follow Rachel on twitter: @_rachelkaplan & @HerCampusIU
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