Kara Redmer: President of IU's Panhellenic Council

Name or Nickname: Kara Redmer
Year and Age: Senior, 21
Hometown: Oak Brook, IL
Major/Minor: Marketing and operations (major), Apparel merchandising (minor)
Dream Job: Buyer for Nordstrom
HCIU: When, and how, did you get involved with Panhellenic at IU?
KR: I became involved with Panhellenic my sophomore year at IU. I served on the Panhellenic
Executive Council as the VP of Leadership Development that year and transitioned to
President during my junior year. Panhellenic was a great way for me to get involved with the
Greek community at IU, but in a way that allowed me to reach outside my own chapter.
HCIU: What made you want to become the President of Panhellenic?
KR: After my first term on Executive Council, I felt like my job wasn’t done. There were still so
many issues that I wanted to tackle and I felt as though I had another year in me. Being
President has given me so many opportunities to begin change on this campus and I am
beyond grateful for my experience.
HCIU: Describe the duties you have as an important figure in the Greek community.
KR: I consider my main role in the Greek community to be acting as the voice for Panhellenic. While
every chapter has different perspectives and needs, as President, I’m able to present those
perspectives and needs to the community as well as to the university. Beyond being a voice for
Panhellenic, I serve on many university committees, oversee my Executive Council, and work
closely with the other three councils to create a cohesive Greek community.
HCIU: What is your favorite part about being in a Panhellenic organization or Greek life and
being President of the council?
KR: The most enjoyable part of Panhellenic and my presidency has been the relationships I’ve
made over the past two years on Council. With both of my execs, I have been extremely
fortunate to work with some of the most passionate people in our community. We have all
become friends outside of our roles and I couldn’t be more thankful to have had them by my
side. Without Panhellenic, I may never have even met these women!
HCIU: What is the hardest part of your job?
KR:The hardest part of my job is being the one to start the tough conversations. There are always going to be critics but it is something I have learned to take in stride. There are some issues that everyone wants to talk about, but are too afraid to bring up – I feel as though it is a part of my position to bring those issues to the forefront of our community. At the end of the day, our community is going to be better for having discussed the tough issues.
HCIU: With recruitment right around the corner, what advice do you have for girls participating AND for sororities to help them make the most of their experiences?
KR: Trust the process; recruitment truly works the way it is supposed to! Go into the process with a clear mind, and have fun as you go chapter to chapter. Remember, the sorority women are nervous too!
*Photos courtesy of Kara Redmer