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It has been just over a week since the eventful and exciting Super Bowl took place. Millions of people tune in to the Sunday night game to watch the two teams go head to head for the title, see all the creative advertisements, and primarily- watch the half time show.  

While I am a football fanatic, I can’t help but exude my yearly anticipation for the half time show. Yes, I loved watching Nick Foles and Tom Brady battle. However, in the midst of a high- anxiety game, Justin Timberlake came in to save the day.

If there is one thing that I took away from his performance, it is that Justin Timberlake has the swag to put all haters to bed. The 37-year-old triple threat awed the crowd with his tribute to Prince, became one with the crowd, showed off his dance skills, and sang all the classics. 

As a Patriots fan, I must say that this was my favorite part of the Super Bowl. Whether fans were thrilled about the copious amounts of memes that surfaced or were impressed by JT’s pure talent, you cannot say that this man is not the coolest man you know. 

Here I am, a week later, still impressed by JT's ability to entertain in the most appealing and attractive way. 

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