Josh Handszer '15

Meet HCIU's first Campus Cutie of the new semester, Josh Handszer! 
    • Freshman
    • Hometown: Somers, New York
    • Favorite midnight snack: White Castle, fa’sho
    • Favorite Quote: “Truth be told, I would set my whole world on fire, just to watch it burn in your eyes.” Of Mice & Men
    • Favorite Band: Blink 182
    • Dream Job: Guitarist/Singer in a famous band
    • Why did you choose Indiana University?: “Cause it’s all about the HOO-HOO-SIERS!”
    • What is the best thing about being at college?: “Being able to mold myself into my own person and meeting new people.”
    • What is the most important thing you have learned at college so far?: “College is a triangle: Choose 2 of the 3 sides: Sleep, Social Life and Academics. Make sure you have a good sleep cycle... oh... and don’t have vendettas during Mario Party.”
    • Guilty pleasure: “Katy Perry. My word, the woman can sing... and have you SEEN that body?”
    • #1 Thing to Cross of Your Bucket List: “Play a song with Blink-182. Just one song, that’d be legit.”
    • Favorite Catchphrases: “Dang it Mario!” and “Hey beautiful!?”
    • Celebrity Crush: “Amber Heard. Or Emma Stone. If I could have both.”
    • What makes you a Campus Cutie?: “I have great personality, a good sense of humor, I play guitar, I like flannel shirts, kittens and long walks on the beach...duh.”
(Article by: Annalinda Harbottle Photos by: Caitlin Greer)