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Jillian Sixsmith-Cox: President of IU Club Field Hockey

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Jillian Sixsmith-CoxYear & Age:  Senior, 22Hometown: New York, NYMajor(s): Sport Communication- BroadcastExtra Curricular Activities: Indiana University Club Field Hockey, Indiana University Student Television, Student Athletic Board, School of Public Health Volunteer BloggerSister or Independent: IndependentDream Job: NFL Sports Reporter 

FAVES:Sport: FootballFilm: “Stomp the Yard”                                                    Music: Hip-HopFood: Home cooked skirt steak by my momIce cream flavor: Haagen Dazs Strawberry

HCIU: How did you become involved with the Club Field Hockey team?JS: When I was a freshman I emailed the club multiple times telling them I was interested. I did not know what to expect from a club team, and I was so afraid I wouldn’t make it past the try-outs. College was a big step, and I was very nervous, especially being so far away from home.  During the RecFest, I was on a mission to find the field hockey. I signed up, and have been a dedicated player ever since.

HCIU: How many years have you been playing field hockey? What do you love most about it?JS: This will be my ninth year playing field hockey. What I love most about field hockey is how intense the sport gets. I love to put my all into the sport, and I don’t mind getting down and dirty. I love being around people who are the same way.

HCIU: What position do you play?JS: I play on the defensive side. I am not very coordinated; I am not very good at scoring goals so I try my best to deflect incoming shots from the offensive side, and try to hit the ball back up the field to one of our own offensive players.

HCIU: Field hockey isn’t very well known in the Midwest. Could you explain in your own words what the game is about?JS: The game is similar to soccer, at least the rules are.  We play with a smaller, hard round ball and sticks. The sticks have a flat side, and a curved side. We can only use the flat side of the stick to dribble the ball up the field and score on goalie who is wearing layers of protective equipment. It involves a lot of dribbling, a lot of hitting, and attempted scoring. I’ve learned the hard way mouth guards and shin guards are important; I have gotten hit in the face with a stick, and it wasn’t pretty. Overall, scoring is a lot harder than said, because the goal is surrounded by a circle of which you have to be in when you score; the circle can get pretty hectic with defensive players and offensive players trying their hardest to score.  Like soccer, there are corners, there are rules in which you can’t elbow other players, and you can’t kick the ball with your feet.  Don’t worry, if you ever are interested in playing you pick this rules up quickly. The biggest rule of all is that you can’t hit people with sticks.

HCIU: Do you travel to other universities with the team? Is the club only for women or is it co-ed?JS: We do travel to other universities.  In the past we have competed with University of Kentucky, The Ohio State University, Illinois State University, Western Kentucky University, and Notre Dame.  We also host our own tournament in the spring, of which has been very successful with attendance in the past. The club is a co-ed friendly team, but as of now, we are currently all women.

HCIU: What is your favorite aspect about the club? Why should someone join Club Field Hockey?JS: My favorite part about the club is the bond the members have with each other.  I have been brought to tears by messages from other members of the team, and no matter what we always have fun, and we have made the best memories. One time we were playing against OSU, and one of their members shot at goal and I accidently caught the ball in my hand—this is not allowed in play; members from last year have no let me forget it. That and the many times I fall during practice are a running joke.  Someone should join Club Field Hockey because we are a fun team, and we are all easy to get along with. You get to work out, learn a new sport, and get to have fun. 

HCIU: What has been your favorite part about your leadership?JS: My favorite part about my leadership has been to have the opportunity to figure out how I want to help the other members have the best time at practice. I have been able to run practices and still have fun. I really have enjoyed being able to recruit new people, and be in contact with new members, and I am most proud of how many new additions to the club we have this year; I am amazed!

Natalie Rowthorn, 20, is a junior at Indiana University - Bloomington. She is a journalism major with a concentration in international studies and a minor in French.She is involved with various organizations on campus. She is on the social committee for Independent Council and Treasurer of Club Field Hockey. Natalie is also the Vice President of She's the First at IU, a non-profic organization dedicated to sponsoring girls' education in the developing world.Natalie is on the Opinion Editorial Board of the student-run campus newspaper, the Indiana Daily Student. She is also a staff writer for College Lifestyles Indiana University Satellite.Her hobbies/addictions include French cuisine, world travel, Cheerios, and spontaneous photo-bombing.
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