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IU vs. PSU: 5 Reasons Why Little 5 is Better Than Blue-White Weekend

There is a long-standing rivalry between IU and Penn State. Maybe it's because we butt heads in the Big 10 or maybe it's because we're both huge party schools with crazy school spirit. In any case, it's time to see which university has the most fun during the final weeks of school once and for all. So competing for the title of Best College Weekend in America, in one corner we have Indiana's Little 500 and in the other we have Penn State's Blue-White weekend. Let's see which school comes out victorious.

1. Little 500 is a whole week of wild festivities as opposed to just one weekend at Penn State. IU students rally around the clock to celebrate; we have themed parties, bar crawls, slip 'n slides, concerts, day drinking, etc. The party possibilities are endless.

2. Oftentimes, school events get overshadowed by celebration (i.e. football games and tailgating), but Little 5 is not one of them. Little 5 is an annual bike race modeled after the Indianapolis 500 where students join teams and compete against each other. It may seem strange, but it's a long-held IU tradition that many IU students look forward to actually attending.

3. Because professors know that students treat Little 500 like it's a national holiday, sometimes they will cancel class. What teacher would want to waste their time in the classroom when over 90% of students don't show up?

​4. Bloomington hosts a variety of musical acts to come and perform awesome concerts. This year's lineup included Carnage, Waka Flocka Flame, Jeremih, Nghtmre, and iLoveMakonnen.

5. Every college student in the country knows and talks about Little 5. That's why people get so excited when they have a friend that commits to IU because that means they get to visit for Little 5 every single year.

It's clear that IU wins this battle, but I'm a little bit biased. If this didn't convince you that Little 5 is better than Blue-White weekend, why don't you come visit and experience it for yourself? And if you're a die-hard PSU fan, check out their response article!

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