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IU Tailgate With PINK


As the time approached 11 A.M., an ever growing line appeared along 3rd Street in front of Fiji. Collegiate women of all ages lined the street in hopes of getting some free goodies from Victoria’s Secret at the PINK Nation Tailgate. IU was one of the few successful colleges that won in a collegiate tweet off to win the tailgate at their school. Though the line was long, and the weather wasn’t ideal, many girls stuck out the wait to receive prizes such as free panties, coupons for discounts and more free panties, snap bracelets, and the infamous PINK stuffed dogs. 

Some ladies were lucky enough to have found a PINK dog during the on-going scavenger hunt this week which redeemed a free Victoria’s Secret top. The tailgate included games and fun sights like a pink, polka dotted ice cream truck and gold blow up dog.

Many ladies were hopeful to win more prizes, but as we have all heard since high school economics, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. 

The experience was well worth the wait; girls were able to meet new friends while chatting in line, and with all the items and coupons received, all participants made about $39.00!

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