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How to Dip Dye with Kool-Aid

Looking for an easy, non-permanent way to update your hairstyle? Take a cue from celebs like Nicki Minaj, Kate Bosworth, and Jessie J: dip-dye your hair in a bright color! You may not have your own personal hairstylist, but with a little kool aid and some conditioner, you’ll be red-carpet ready.
Although it sounds weird, your favorite drink from elementary school makes the perfect temporary hair dye! Simply mix a packet in a bowl with a little water and a lot of conditioner, and stir until completely smooth. A few considerations:

1.     The more packets of kool aid you use, the more concentrated or bright the color will be!
2.     If you have very light hair, any color should work. If you have darker hair, try darker colors such as red or purple.
3.     Make sure the kool aid you use does not have sugar in it! Otherwise your hair will get very sticky.
Wear rubber gloves and use your fingers or a spoon to coat the tips of your hair with the dye. Make sure you cover each strand generously! You might want to ask a friend to help.
As soon as you’ve dyed a section of hair, use plastic wrap to cover it up so the dye can’t drip out! Once you’ve done all of your hair, cover everything up with a shower cap and sleep on it!

By the time you wake up, your hair will have absorbed the dye and should be all set. Take a shower to rinse out the extra dye, but don’t wash it– the more you shampoo, the quicker the color will fade! Try using baby powder as dry shampoo. If you must wash it, concentrate on your scalp only! The colors should last around a week or two if you are very careful.
Now that you have freshly dyed locks, you can style your hair as you usually do– blow dry it, straighten it, and curl it. But you don’t have to tell anyone that your new look was achieved using a nostalgic drink!

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