Heather Mielke: Co-President Independent Council for Women at IU

The Basics

Name or Nickname: Heather Mielke but some people call me Featha

Year & Age: Senior and feelin’ 22 :(

Hometown: Goodland, IN    

Major: Management through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Extra Curricular Activities: Independent Council for Women

Sister or Independent: Independent

Dream Job: Actress or Astronaut


Magazine: Cosmopolitan

Book: The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfield

Blog: I don’t have a favorite blog, but if I did, it would have something to do with traveling.

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Quote: “There are far, far better things ahead than any that we leave behind” – C.S. Lewis

SPEA course: National and International Policy

SPEA professor: Daniel Preston

Study space: I hate studying, but if I had to choose, it would be somewhere in the Indiana Memorial Union.


HCIU: What are some things that you are involved in on campus?

HM: Currently, I am most actively involved with Independent Council for Women as a co-president for the organization. It’s a philanthropic and social organization for independent, or non-Greek, women on campus. However, the past two summers I have been able to work with the Office of First Year Experience Programs (FYE) as an Orientation Leader and a Student Coordinator. Although I am no longer as involved with FYE, that little house on North Jordan is still my home away from home away from home J

HCIU: It seems like you know everyone (don’t deny it) how do you stay “on” and friendly all the time?

HM: Haha, to some it may seem that way, but I wish I knew more people on campus! But, I have always been someone who has valued and appreciated politeness and feel that everyone should be treated courteously. I think that this is not only because of my upbringing, but also because I have worked in customer service before (I strongly recommend everyone having to work at least once in customer service!). Although I am very much so a people person, I need my own space and time to sleep to rejuvenate myself in order to stay “on” all of the time.

HCIU: What’s your favorite aspect of the student organizations you’re involved in on campus?

HM: My favorite aspect of the student organizations that I am involved in on campus is the fact that they are all student run. Yes, advisors or mentors are there to help along the way, however, it gives students a real chance to demonstrate their work ethic individually, as well as with a group of students.

HCIU: What advice would you give collegiettes looking to get more involved on campus?

HM: My best advice to anyone who wants to get involved on campus is to check out the myINvolvement.indiana.edu page to explore all of the different opportunities that IU has to offer. Also, don’t be afraid to go to the call out only for the free pizza.

HCIU: How do you think your student organizations involvement has prepared you for the real world?

HM: My involvement with student organizations has completely shaped my experience at IU, and has definitely given me a taste of what the real world is going to be like. They’ve given me the opportunity to discover my leadership style, to network, but most importantly, to learn how to work with others, especially those who have completely different ideals, perspectives, and experiences from me. Having been presented with the challenge of working with someone vastly different from myself, I’ve learned better ways to allow group work to go as smoothly as possible.

*Pictures provided by Heather Mielke