A Freshman’s Insight to Little 5

It’s been spoken of all year, and now it's almost finally here: Little 500 week. Known as “the greatest college week in America,” we, here at HCIU, could not be prouder and more excited to have our school host this famous event! But because it is such an important week, we feel it is necessary to give you some insight on what Little 5 is and what events will take place next week. Ready, set, go!

What is it?

The Little 500 is a bike race held every year by the Indiana University Student Foundation (or IUSF). The executive director of IUSF founded it in 1951 at the time, Howdy Wilcox Jr., whose father participated and won the Indianapolis 500 in 1919. Wilcox was inspired by the Indy 500, and decided that not only will the Little 5 be fun for all students, but raise money for the scholarship fund for working IU students, which is still does to this day.The race is relay style, with teams of four, with the men’s race 200 laps, or 50 miles, and the women’s race 100 laps, or 25 miles.

Okay, now what?

Well, now it is time to prepare! We feel it is absolutely necessary for you to watch "Breaking Away," a movie about four teens, known as the Cutters, who live in Bloomington and have just graduated from high school. All of the boys are in the middle class of the town, and do not have any motivation to figure out what to do with their lives, but one character is obsessed with biking (guys, young Dennis Quaid...enough said!) It turns out that the Little 500 has opened up to the public, and the four put a team together, “The Cutters,” and bike in the Little 5. Of course, this is just a quick plot, there is more to the story like girls and romance. But what is so cool is that the movie was actually filmed in Bloomington, so it’s fun to see how the campus looked in 1979. Another awesome thing about this movie is that every year since, there has been a team that participates in the Little 5 named “The Cutters.”

What to Expect: The Week of Chaos (in the best way possible!)

You should definitely know that there will be police everywhere next week and definitely next weekend. So, just be aware. If you were to say, have some beverages, make sure you are safe enough to go to the race and enjoy it. They will catch you, and you will get tickets. Also note that they will be near the dorms, so when walking back to your dorm make sure you are sober enough as well.

Yes, everyone will be throwing down. Though thought of as a very Greek event, Little 5 is an event for everyone at IU to enjoy. Just remember to have fun, but be safe! You won’t want to not remember your first Little 5!

The women’s race will be held at 4 p.m. on Friday, April 24th at the Bill Armstrong Stadium. The men’s race is the same location at 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 25th. 

Have fun, be safe, and let the races begin!