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The Fab Five VIII

Noodles & Company.

Although their Pad Thai is always what draws me into the restaurant in the first place, it’s the atmosphere that blows me away each time. Noodles & Company, which used to be a theater, still is adorned with many of the features of the historic theater. It’s now redone with a modern twist, making it the perfect atmosphere.

Red Mango.

As a frozen yogurt fanatic, I wasn’t so sure that Red Mango could beat the fro-yo in my hometown of Fort Wayne.  After going, however, my opinion could not have changed more. The variety of flavors and abundance of toppings is enough to make me crave it constantly and has made my friends and I use it as our post-exam reward.

The first snowfall.
There’s nothing that makes an IU student feel more like a kid again than the first major snowfall of the year. As soon as the big flakes start drifting down from the sky, one can see students rushing out of buildings to take pictures, catch snowflakes on their tongues, hurry back to their homes to watch holiday movies.

Oversized sweaters.
On the days where the last thing I want to do is get out of my warm bed to brave the cold winter weather, I turn to my favorite oversized sweater. Throwing it on with a pair of leggings and boots allows for a cozy look without looking frumpy or lazy.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
Women around the nation waited in anticipation for one of their favorite events of the year, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This year, the show was anything but a let down with great performers, gorgeous models, and incredible designs. It was a great excuse for a girls-night-in to watch the show, comment on the new styles, and get a healthy dose of motivation to hit the gym.

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