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The Fab Five VII

Now that Thanksgiving and the winter holidays are quickly approaching, many of my thoughts are revolving around Christmas. I’ve been spending time listening to Christmas music, brainstorming DIY gifts for families and friends, and surfing the web for fun decorative ideas.

Recently, I decided to listen to all of my friends and get a Pinterest. The website allows the user to browse images of different people, quotes, crafts, fashions, and more to “pin” to their virtual bulletin board. The user can make multiple boards pertaining to their interests, and browse others’ boards for ideas. I’ve been spending spare time looking for cheap Christmas gift ideas on this website, and have found it not only entertaining, but also helpful.

Michael Bublé’s Christmas Album.

Michael Bublé’s Christmas CD may be the best Christmas album I have ever heard. His voice has the classic sound that so many people love in their holiday music, yet it still has a modern and upbeat twist. This album has been on repeat on my iPod.

DIY Christmas Gifts.
On the low budget of an unemployed college student, I have been in a slight panic thinking about buying Christmas gifts for my family and friends. I’ve decided to make gifts for everyone, ranging from cookie mix in a jar to scrapbooks. I love knowing that my family and friends will be getting gifts that are more personalized, while also being more affordable.

Bright Flowers.
Gerber daisies have always been one of my favorite flowers, partly because they naturally grow into bright colors. Before the fall colors turn to cool winter hues, I love to have that last bright splash of color in the form of my favorite flowers.

Super Nintendo.
Before the Xbox, GameCube and Wii, children around the country were playing Super Nintendo. I still love to pull out the console periodically to play my favorite game, Donkey Kong. This classic game is always great to use as a break from all of the new ones; sometimes it’s nice to go back and relive your childhood.

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