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Fab Five VI

This week, my favorite things come from all over the place… ranging from one of my favorite spots on campus to my go-to shoes.

P.F. Chang’s lettuce wraps.
After a recent visit to Indianapolis and a lunch at P.F. Chang’s, my love for lettuce wraps was rekindled. This appetizer of chicken, mushrooms, onion, rice sticks, and water chestnuts wrapped in crisp lettuce is unlike anything you can get at other Chinese restaurants.

A cute mug.

When one wakes up each morning and has a cup of coffee or tea, it’s easy to do something as little as switching up the mug to make the day a little cheerier. I recently bought this mug with a bicycle and heart balloon at Urban Outfitters, and I cannot wait to use it.

The lights at the Art Museum
Nights at IU are hardly dull, but on those nights where you just want to relax or you have a visitor that wants to see campus, the Art Museum is a must see. The beautiful light show that it projected on the massive building always calls students to lay with their feet up and enjoy the show.

A one of a kind bag.
When a new trend in bags comes around, it is likely that a massive number of stylish girls on campus will pick up the trend and, as a result, all have the same bag. Sometimes its better to pay less attention to what is popular, and instead find a bag that is unique and something that you really love. I bought this handcrafted leather bag in Spain, and it has been an essential ever since.

Like most college students, I wear my Sperry’s on a regular basis. The level of comfort included in these shoes is fantastic, and the tan leather makes them not only waterproof, but also makes them match most outfits. 

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