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Embrace Your Pale, Wintery Complexion

There’s nothing like summertime. What’s sexier than sun kissed skin that requires barely-there makeup?

As Midwesterners, we know the chances of seeing that complexion before May are slim. But, before you head to the nearest tanning salon, here are some tips on how to rock your midwinter shell and turn the heat up on your winter makeup routine.
Where to Start
Winter skin requires a little bit of preparation. Dody Guthrie, Bloomington’s Merle Norman owner suggests starting out with a moisturizer every day to prevent dryness. She also suggests using a concealer with a yellow base because it will help even out your skin tone and get ride of any dry, red areas.

“Concealer is also great for getting rid of puffy, dark circles (under the eyes), and it brightens you,” Dody says.

Eye gel is one of Dody’s secret weapons.

“It makes your eyes feel good,” Dody says. Applying the gel on the lid of the eye creates a smooth surface for eye makeup and protects them from the dryness.
On the Surface
Winter is all about layering. You can apply the same rule to your makeup routine by applying a liquid or cream foundation over your concealer. Adding a powder or mineral foundation on top will help to set everything into place, creating a smooth, even layer. Next, use your blush to add some color.

“In the winter, it’s nice to play up the cheeks more,” Dody says.

She suggests starting the blush just under the eye on the apple of the cheek and brushing up towards your temples. “This keeps the color flowing,”  Dody says. She also suggests dusting a little blush on the top of the chin and nose.

The Eyes Have It

Everyone might agree that winter is the best time to play with eye color. Whatever you choose has a better chance of standing out against lighter skin tones.

During the day, Dody suggests more earthy colors that enhance your own eye color. For a sexy, day look, try deeper versions of the colors that you might typically use in the summer and spring. Start with the darkest color on the lid and pair it with softer, complementing colors for up around the brow bone. Dody suggests lining just the bottom eyelid with a neutral liner, like a dark purple or brown.

For a sultry evening look, Dody says the smoky eye is the way to go. “The smoky eye starts lighter and then grows darker,” Dody says.

For all looks, apply your eyeliner tightly along the lash line, then tie everything together with volume from mascara.  
Glow On
Pale doesn’t have to mean pasty. Luminizers or brighteners are designed to create a subtle glow without the orange tint that bronzers might have.

Apply the luminizer to the highest part of the cheek to create a dewy sheen as well as intense cheekbone definition.

While you’re at it, try applying some luminizer to the corners of the eye and right underneath the eyebrow to really make your eyes pop. Dody suggests applying your blush just underneath the luminizer on the cheekbone.

Still missing that hint of bronze? No worries. “Lots of blush today has the pinks and warmth mixed in together,” Dody says.
Last Minute Details

  •  Play with your lip color.  This winter, the trends are pointing towards more natural colors. Try a nude shade on your lips for night and day. “In the evening, you can really play with your lip color,” Dody says, who suggests darker pink and berry tones.
  • During the day, keep the color minimal. While blush and eye color can be fun, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. “You want to put emphasis on one thing or the other,” Dody says.

Source: Dody Guthrie, Owner of Bloomington’s Merle Norman

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