Elizabeth Parker '15

THE BASICS:Name & Nickname: ParkerMajor: Psychology, Minor in counselingYear & Age: Senior, 21Hometown: Cicero, INRelationship Status: SingleExtra Curricular Activities: Chair memeber for IUDM, Research assistant for Psych Lab, and work at the libraryGreek, or Nah: Delta Delta Delta

FAVES:Big Girl Beverage: Amaretto SourB-Town Bar: SportsParty Theme: Greek WeddingsSuper Hero: BatmanNetflix Move/Show: "Breaking Bad"Celebrity Crush: Leonardo DiCaprioChick Flick: "Bridesmaids"First Date Food: ItalianIce Cream Topper: Froyo, all berries everythingCoffee Order: Grande Caramel Frappuccino - hot. If it’s cold, a grande Mocha.

Selfie with the Brospective!

Brospective (BroHC): What is a day in the life of Elizabeth?EP: I’m an early bird. I wake up early, for no reason. I start with a nice breakfast, then I’m on campus very late because I have back-to-back classes. I also have to put 2 hours in to my lab a week. In the evening I love to vegg out because I’ve exerted so much of my own energy during the day.

BroHC: What does Friday look like?EP: Friday after class at KOK, definitely. I haven’t missed one yet. I try to stay out the entire night.

BroHC: When you’re about to go out, what does your music play list look like?EP: I love listening to heavy hip-hop. I love anything that’s going to get me super hyped up and allows me to dance.

BroHC: What is the “procedure” for getting ready?EP: Usually, I start getting ready around 8 just because I’m a slow mover. I’ll hang out and eat snacks, and then the crew will head out around 10:30.

BroHC: “Your crew,” how would you describe them?EP: We’re a bunch of goofballs. Sometimes the things that we say are so hilarious but so absurd we’ll tell ourselves, “Thank God no one else is listening to this conversation, because they’d think we were so strange.”

BroHC: So, if a guy wants to talk to you, how does he go about that?EP: I’m weird about that. I actually don’t like being hit on. But if someone were to talk to me they have to show confidence. If he’s going to catch my attention he must come across strong. I’ll usually make the first move, or go in for the kill.

BroHC: What are you looking for in a potential suitor?EP: Someone who can make me laugh; someone who can keep up with my energy; somebody who has ambition and positivity.

BroHC: What’s the first thing you hope that a guy notices about you?EP: Well, if I had to say physically, something about my eyes because I get that the most, but mostly I’d want them to notice something about my personality, something that sticks out. I hope they’d notice I have a really kind heart. I hope they’d notice those mannerisms of saying thank you, I’m sorry for example.

BroHC: In a relationship, what is your biggest pet peeve?EP: I have a handle full of small pet peeves, but my biggest one would have to be no communication. I’m a planner and I like to know what’s going on, and it you’re not saying the plans, I hate to be let out of the plans.

BroHC: When you think of men, what confuses you the most?EP: I don’t understand how guys can go from having something so great to downgrading, in terms of dating.

BroHC: Why do you love the Brospective so much?EP: The Brospective is awesome and a total sweetheart; and he knows how to French braid like a beast!