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DIY Halloween Nails

It’s Halloween, and you know what that means? It’s an excuse to do crazy things with your nails! Whether to match your costume, get in the Halloween spirit, or give yourself a subtle spooky air, these easy nail polish tutorials are perfect for this weekend!
Candy Corn
1.     Paint one coat of sunny yellow polish.
2.     Paint a half coat of pumpkin orange polish.
3.     Using a thin brush, paint the tips white, like a French manicure!

Frightful Fingertips
1.     Speaking of French manis… Apply one coat of spooky dark purple polish.
2.     Paint the tips shiny silver with a thin brush.

Blood Splattered
1.     Paint one coat of nude polish… Or use black for an even scarier look!
2.     Drip red polish dots on the tip and use a thin brush to coax drips down nail, like blood dripping down a wall.

Midnight Moons
1.     Paint one coat of shimmery dark blue polish.
2.     Using thin brushes, paint crescent moon shape and dot  stars in white and sparkly silver!

Spider Webs
1.     Not for the faint-hearted… Apply tape to your nail so that the top half is exposed, and paint this white.
2.     Using a tiny paintbrush, draw black lines radiating from one point.
3.     Connect the lines with little curves like spiderman!

Sparkly Tips
1.     Paint one coat of deep black nail polish.
2.     Coat the tips with several layers of sparkly polish, so that it is 3D and really stands out.

Enjoy your frightful night with your adorably frightful nails!

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