Channel Your Inner Flannel

One trend you can never go a day without seeing on the IU campus would have to be flannels. If you’re one of those girls who wouldn’t think to wear a flannel as a fashion statement then let’s first go over a little bit about the history of flannels and how it has transitioned into fashion today. Flannels used to be associated with farmers or stereotyped with the lumberjack, but by the 90’s it became associated with the grunge look. This was a time when people would start being rebellious and tied up flannel shirts around their ripped jeans because they thought it was cool to be uncool. Now, fast-forward to 2014 and flannels are EVERYWHERE. Everyone from kids to college students to 40 year old-fashionistas are wearing them. Especially the commonly known group of chic individuals known as “hipsters.” If you’ve ever heard of the word ‘hipster’ then you’ve probably associated that person with a flannel. Hipsters give off the vibe that they just don’t care (even though they probably spent hours picking out the perfect top to go with their cut offs). Wearing a flannel portrays an element of both comfort and style, something that is oh-so-important in apparel today.

How did the trend become so popular, though? Who knows! That’s the brilliance of how styles come and go. They just sneak up on you. One huge way trends are started now is through bloggers. With the internet being such a huge part of our society, people look to bloggers to tell them what the newest trends are. These bloggers find these trends from other people on the streets, celebs or stylists who have probably seen this trend the first time around. If you’ve ever seen the street styles of icons like Rihanna, Kylie Jenner or Miley Cyrus, then you’ve probably seen them rocking a flannel.  

If you’re into this look, here are some ways a flannel can be styled. You can tie it around the waist, which not only makes your flannel look effortlessly cool, but is also super convenient! I personally love tying my flannels around my waist when I’m wearing a T-shirt dress to pull together my outfit. Another one of my favorite ways to wear a flannel is underneath a leather jacket. You could also use your flannel as a “jacket” and throw it over a top with jeans when it’s a little cooler outside. Now that you have all the tricks to wearing a flannel around campus, you can get that effortlessly cool vibe you’ve always wanted. Go out and channel your inner flannel!