Celebrity Restaurant: Campus Candy

A vibrant multitude of different candy cover the walls, pop music plays in the air and little kids run around filling up their goody-bags with as much candy as they can... well... maybe they aren’t kids... they are college students, and they are at one of the most famous places in the college town of Indiana University Bloomington.
Located on a favorite street in Bloomington, E. Kirkwood, Campus Candy is most definitely a campus celebrity. As silly as it sounds, whether your classes are getting the best of you or you are stressed out over where you are going to get a job, a little candy can help relieve your anxiety and Campus Candy is a place to resort to in times of crisis.
Campus Candy is a self-serve candy bar that also specializes in frozen yogurt made daily. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place for you.
Known for their slogan, “We ain’t just candy”... they certainly, are more than that. They specifically locate themselves on college campuses to better serve college students. They have over 500 different kinds of candy and are known for their “old school” candy, as well as diverse flavors of jellybeans. Even better, when it comes to their frozen yogurt, “the entire store is your topping bar”, as stated on their up and coming website. To put it simply, Campus Candy is a candy store on steroids.
If the temptation of their candy isn’t enough to make you go there, then their plasma TV’s, brightly colored atmosphere and free wi-fi should. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind, especially if you are trying to get off campus for a little bit. The atmosphere is booming with life and is a great place to go if looking for any type of inspiration. Lots of places off campus do not offer free wi-fi, so why not go to Campus Candy, get that free wi-fi and some candy while you are at it? 
I have never seen an unhappy person in Campus Candy. The people there are always looking to have a good time, meet some new friends, indulge in some delicious candy and help complete the ultimate college experience.