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Cameron Metzger ‘13

Name: Cameron Metzger

People Call Me: Cam

Year: Senior

Age: 21

Hometown: Charlestown, IN

Words to Describe Yourself: Self-Motivated, Personable

Major: Pre-Med Biology

Career Goals: IU Medical School, Orthopedic Surgeon

Favorite Bar at IU: KOK

Celeb Crush: Jessica Biel

Blondes or Brunettes: Blondes are more fun!

The First Thing You Notice When You Look At a Girl: Eyes and Smile

Your Idea Of A “Perfect Date”: Can’t go wrong with a dinner and a movie.

Deal Breaker in a Relationship: Clinginess

The Worst Thing a Girl Could Wear: High-Waisted shorts. They’re trying to make a comeback, but I’m not sold. Also, baggy jeans.
Favorite Food: Chili, Eggs, Tuna, Subway

Advice to Live By: Do what makes you happy; don’t worry about what other people think.


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