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THE BASICS:Name & Nickname: Brian CyganekMajor: Sports Marketing & ManagementYear & Age: Senior, 22Hometown: Lake Zurich, ILRelationship Status: SingleExtra Curricular Activities: Intramural sports like basketball, baseball & footballGreek, or Nah: Nah

FAVES:Big Boy Beverage: Double whiskey neatB-Town Bar: KOKParty Theme: PoolSuper Hero: BatmanNetflix Movie/Show: “Limitless”Celebrity Crush: Jennifer LawrenceChick Flick: “Mean Girls”First Date Food: Authentic Italian or MexicanIce Cream Topper: Hot fudgeCoffee Order: Espresso caramel macchiato

HCIU: What’s a day-in-the-life look like for you?BC: I like to get up early and start the day fresh. I go to class and, in between classes, I go to the library to finish up my studies and check emails. I like finishing early, so I have time to relax and spend time with friends.

HCIU: So, if class and Wells consume your life during the week, what do you look forward to most on weekends?BC: Well, I definitely manage my time so I can do other activities, like workout, go out to bars or parties and relax on the weekends. I enjoy meeting new people, being social and spending a lot of my time downtown on Kirkwood.

HCIU: Speaking of new people (and this is for the sake of all our bound-to-be intrigued readers), how do you like to be approached by women? Or do you like to do all the introductions?BC: I think being outgoing and open-minded is important, but I also believe it’s important for the guy to approach the woman. A good conversation allows you to establish yourself and open up to who you are, so it doesn’t matter how it starts.

HCIU: What’s your ideal first date look like?BC: Going out to dinner and getting to know each other better. Then, going out to see a movie or to the bars.

HCIU: Which bar would you take her to?BC: Well, wherever she would like to go and depending on what she drinks, but Upland is always nice.

HCIU: While we’re on the topic of dates, do you have any date-mare stories?BC: Being with the girl that is overly loud when you’re two feet across from her. Not to mention the mess that she makes. Just being polite and having manners goes a long way.

HCIU: What’s your least favorite female clothing trend?BC: I’d probably say high-waisted shorts.

HCIU: Most guys complain about not understanding women. What’s something you don’t understand about females?BC: Why texting is so difficult, but more so why girls chill and stay with guys that don’t know how to be gentlemen.

*Photos from the personal photo collection of Brian Cyganek

Kelsey is a junior at Indiana University where she is majoring in journalism and concentrating in informatics. She began her Her Campus experience as a contributing writer in Fall 2012. Kelsey was incredibly excited to begin her new role on the HCIU team as co-campus correspondent last fall. When she's not studying or writing, Kelsey enjoys a sipping a strong cup o' joe, reviving thrift store wardrobes and drooling over Netflix eye candy.
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