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Alex Handy ’13

Alex Handy
People call me: Handy or Hands (Stick Handle)
Year: Senior
Age: 23
Hometown: Carmel, IN
Sport: Hockey (Forward, Left Wing)
Relationship status: Single
Major: Management
Minors: Entrepreneurship and Marketing

What’s on your iPod? The Doors, Jimi Hendricks, Coldplay, Foster the People
One word to describe your dream girl: Energetic
Biggest turn on: Confidence; the way a girl carries herself, outgoing, can talk to about anything
Deal Breakers: Lots of drama, always complaining, doesn’t see the silver lining
Movie that’s made you cry? Jack Frost, when the son saw his dad’s bands’ sticker on the shovel. Get’s me every time.
Perfect date: Live music show, dinner, and a night on the town.
Favorite chick flick: Garden State, Almost Famous
Favorite thing to do with your bros: Hockey, hang out, sit around, go to Kilroy’s. Mainly just play sports.
Bro code secret: Never leave a bro stranded at the bar
Weirdest/worst date? Senior year of high school, I took at girl to Naked chopsticks. I was sick, but I didn’t tell her because I really wanted to spend time with this girl. Because I kept running to the bathroom to throw up, she thought I was doing drugs the whole time.
Favorite thing that a girl wears: Rayban glasses, and boots with leggings
Things that confuse you about girls: Why are girls so hot and cold? And why do girls not tell you how they really feel?
Favorite thing about the 90s. I could go on for days. The music. Saved by the bell. Kelly Kapowski. 90s bands are timeless.
Favorite drinks: Crown Royal & Diet Coke. Vegas bomb.
Can you cook more than ramen? For the past two summers, I worked at Chappy’s Bar and Grill. I was the Head Chef. I absolutely love cooking.
Guilty pleasure TV show: Real Housewives of OC
Dream house location: On a lake somewhere in Canada.
Halloween costume? Ya Ya from the Sandlot
Most embarrassing tailgating experience: My mom came to the Ball State tailgate, and was yelling “Come meet my son!” to every girl that walked by.
Who do you admire the most? Lance Armstrong. He battled through so much, and to win something so many times is absolutely amazing.

journalism major at IU. in love with clothes, photography, and writing.
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