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Adventures at Freeman Family Farms

Last Saturday was the perfect day to visit a pumpkin patch! It was bright and sunny outside, but still cool and crisp. Sweater weather! Around 20 people from my floor took the half-hour drive down to Freeman Family Farms to have some fall fun.

Of course, the main event was a hayride! We rode around the fields, past a bunch of horses, and even through a creek!


Next, we made our way over to the corn maze… Unfortunately, most of the stalks of corn had fallen down, so the maze was really, really easy. Unless (like me) you’re a blonde!!


And no farm would be complete without a bunch of animals to pet! This petting zoo included a horse, a cow, a mule, a pony, two piglets, two rabbits, and a bunch of goats! They were all very friendly and ate out of our hands. This goat stuck his head between the bars of his fence and then couldn’t get it back out, because his horns were too big and curved. Even though he didn’t want help, we managed to get him back where he belonged!

These little piglets were fighting over our treats!

Note to guys: holding a cat WILL attract women to you.

We may not be kids, but we definitely played on the miniature train!

Nothing like fall fun with best friends!

No farm is complete without a barn cat!

Grab a cute guy and head to the pumpkin patch for a fun date.

It was a great day. Everyone should enjoy the beautiful weather before winter comes!

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