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8 GIFs to Sum Up the Feelings of a Graduating Senior

There is one word in the English dictionary that’s purposely blocked out of every college senior’s vocabulary because it’s too scary to even think about. Yup, you probably already guessed it, it’s graduation. Unfortunately, it’s time to actually come to terms that it is right around the corner. 

For many college seniors, graduation marks the end of life as we know it. No more school, no more studying, no more homework. And while that seems kind of great in essence, graduation evokes anxiety about the future; finding a job, finding a roommate, finding a place to live, etc. It’s like the word literally forces seniors into adulthood. So for those stuggling to grabble with the idea of entering the real world like me, here are eight GIFs that sum up the mixed feelings of college graduation from one senior to another.

When someone asks you about how the job search is going.

When you realize you can’t wear your pajamas to work like you did to class.

When “I’m hungover” is no longer a valid excuse.

When you realize you have to wake up before noon during the week.

The idea that you might have to live at home for a while.

Knowing that Pizza X is no longer just a phone call away.

When someone actually has a plan after graduation. 

When you think about just how fast four years of college went by.

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