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5 Ways to Decorate Pumpkins (Without Carving!)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IU chapter.

Happy fall, y’all! It’s that time of year again…time to pull out the big sweaters, comfy leggings, and boots, bake yummy pumpkin desserts, and visit the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. All of these activities help create the perfect fall season, but it wouldn’t be complete without one special activity: pumpkin carving! The act of digging through the pumpkin’s yucky guts and seeds isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so here are 5 fun ways to make this season’s pumpkins stylish and fabulous! Plus, whole pumpkins last much longer than carved ones.

1. Glitzy Pumpkin

If you are going for more of a glitz and glam look, it’s time to bedazzle!

Materials Needed:
Rhinestones (in any color)
Modge Podge or glue that works well in the outdoors

First, dab a small amount of glue onto the pumpkin. Using tweezers or your hands, press the rhinestones into the glue into any design you choose. Let the pumpkin dry for a few hours, and then you’re finished!

2. Ribbon Pumpkin

Ribbons are another cute, cheap, and easy way to make your pumpkins really stand out. To design your very own ribbon pumpkin, simply hot glue ribbon in the pumpkin’s creases from the stem to the bottom. Want to add a little more pizzazz? Top your pumpkin with some fun fringe!

3. Button Pumpkin

All you need for this pumpkin transformation is a pumpkin, some glue, a jar of black buttons, and a stylish bow. You can even paint the pumpkin’s stem with black crafts paint, but don’t forget to let it dry! Next, print a Halloween message or phrase in a large font from your computer. Simply position the letters wherever you choose on the pumpkin, trace them with a pencil, and remove. Fill the outline of each letter with the black buttons by attaching them with glue. To top it off, tie the bow around the stem! Super cute!

4. Lacy Pumpkin

Want a fancier, more fashionable pumpkin? This pretty lace pumpkin is so easy to create, it’s unbelievable! We all have that old pair of stocking tights that we NEVER wear but haven’t thrown away. Put those old things to use and stretch them over a pumpkin! That’s right, a pair of printed stockings is the secret to this classy rendition of the traditional scary pumpkin.

5. Glitter Pumpkin

Creating these fab glittery pumpkins is quick, easy, and fun for everyone!

Materials Needed:
Colored Glitter
Small Paintbrush
Spray Adhesive
Roll of Craft Paper

Lay down a layer of newspaper, and place the sheet of craft paper on top. (This helps protect the work surface.) Spray the top and middle of your pumpkin with adhesive spray. While the glue is still wet, use the spoon to sprinkle glitter over the pumpkin’s surface. Leave time for it to dry. Remove the excess glitter by picking up the pumpkin and shaking off any glitter that did not fully adhere to the surface.

Check out Pinterest for more inspiration!

Courtney Kabbes is a junior at Indiana University. She is majoring in journalism with a concentration in apparel merchandising. When she's not busy updating Her Campus IU and promoting their site, she works as the Vice President of Social Media for the Retail Studies Organization and Ed2010 at Indiana. Some of her favorite things include shopping, mint chocolate chip ice cream, New York City, Bikram yoga, and spending time with her two favorite people: her mother and sister. Did we forget to mention her slight obsession with Pinterest? www.pinterest.com/ckabbes