5 Things Only Girls With Unisex Names Hear

Having a unisex name can be great. I love the fact that it gives a unique twist to my personality and that no one ever has the same name on their cup at Starbucks. However, there are a few things that I hear over and over again that only girls with unisex names hear.


  1. "Let’s do roll call. Mr. (insert last name here), are you here?"

There is nothing more embarrassing than when a person mistakes a Ms. for a Mr. Trust me, I know.


2." I knew you were a girl! You spell your name the girl way!"

I did not know there was a certain way to spell my name that defined my gender as well! Groundbreaking.


3. "My dad/brother/boyfriend/male dog’s name is (insert your unisex name here.)"

I am so glad that you think of your dad/brother/boyfriend/male dog when you say my name.


4. "I thought maybe you were a guy because your name is (insert your unisex name here.)"

Yes, someone actually said this to me once. Naturally, I laughed it off.

5. "I love that name for a girl! It is so unique!"

Sometimes having a unisex name can have it’s perks. Overall, I love my name despite the ridiculous things people may say to me.

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