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5 Things To Do If You’re Not Going Away Over Spring Break

Who needs wild trips to Cancun or Cabo? It’s called Spring Break for a reason– we’re all due for some nice R&R in the midst of a stressful semester filled with schoolwork, midterms, drinking, and partying. So for those keeping a low profile and staying home, here are some activities to keep you occupied this Spring Break.

Spring cleaning. Obviously this isn’t the most exhilarating way to spend Spring Break, but it’s certainly productive. Start off the season with some organization. Hey, who knows? Maybe you’ll find that top you’ve been looking for since last year.

Netflix and chill. What’s better than binge-watching your favorite show? For one week, you can shamelessly watch Grey’s/Friends/Gossip Girl in bed without worrying about homework and exams. Take advantage of your freedom.

Workout. If you’re looking to get out of the house this Spring Break, head to the gym and get your endorphins flowing. Just because you weren’t killing yourself before to get that perfect Spring Break body, why not get a head start for summer? Bikini season is coming sooner than you think.

Hit up local restaurants. A great part of coming home is getting to eat at all your favorite restaurants in your hometown. Treat yourself to a few meals out and relive the glory of actually fresh sushi and NY bagels.

Hang out with your family. I know college kids like to play it cool, but let’s be real– we all miss our parents at school. Join them running errands, on a walk, or watching TV. And don’t forget about the most important members of the family, PETS. Cuddle up and give them the much-needed attention they deserve.

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