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The 5 Guys You Meet on Tinder

Oh, Tinder, it’s our not-so-secret guilty pleasure. While we may not want to own up to the fact that we have one, we meet some interesting people along the way. Here are a few of the many types of guys you’ll be sure to meet on Tinder:

1. The Straight-to-the-Point GuyHow to Identify: Shirtless photos only showing his six-pack, bathroom mirror selfies, action shots of various sports he plays and pictures of his sweet ride. This guy is only looking for one thing, and it’s not too difficult to figure out. He is blunt – to the point of rudeness – and will not be shy that he’s only interested in a random hookup. His initial message will probably run along the lines of, “Hey, baby. U cute. What u doin’ tonight?” You’ll probably run into this type of guy more than you may prefer, but hey, that’s what Tinder is for, right?


2.The Creepy, Cannot-Take-A-Hint GuyThis one is a no-brainer. His profile photos will consist of blurry headshots and random group photos where it is impossible to tell what he actually looks like. He will message you immediately (if you swipe right, that is) and will send at least three messages in a row until you answer. Whether you take 10 minutes to respond or three hours, this guy will not know the difference. He will respond immediately and expect a response from you just as quickly.

3.The Nature GuyYou got to love this guy for trying. He’s down-to-earth, and he recycles. Profile pictures include headshots of his humble smile, nature/hiking pics and multiple selfies with his dog. This guy might not be so bad if he weren’t so obsessed with being one with nature. He is probably vegan and/or gluten-free, which may limit restaurant options if you decide to go out with this guy. He is probably very sensitive with a good taste in music. Oh, and he is always DTH (down to hike).

4.The Desperate One/The Over-SharerHe’ll not only have his full name in his bio, but he’ll also have his Twitter handle and SnapChat username. This poor guy just wants to connect with someone. He’ll probably be pretty friendly, but will spill the beans within the first 10 minutes of the conversation. He will tell you exactly what he is looking for and what he isn’t looking for. Simple questions such as, “What’s up?” will receive a lengthy response like, “Not much! Just came back from running errands with the bros. Might go to the gym later, but not sure yet. What are you up to? How’s your day been?” Woah, there. A simple, “Not much” would suffice. He might be hurt if you’re not as eager as he is, so be careful how you approach this one.

5.The Gym RatProbably the most easily identified Tinder guy. He only knows one lifestyle, and it’s the fit life. Every single picture includes him mid-squat at the gym, selfies of him flexing in the gym mirror, rock-climbing and close-up shots of his favorite muscle milk concoction. Bio includes phrases such as, “Seeking a fit girl who lives that same fit lifestyle” and self-describes as a “fun health nut looking for a good time.” He probably considers a six-mile run to be the perfect date.

Natalie Rowthorn, 20, is a junior at Indiana University - Bloomington. She is a journalism major with a concentration in international studies and a minor in French.She is involved with various organizations on campus. She is on the social committee for Independent Council and Treasurer of Club Field Hockey. Natalie is also the Vice President of She's the First at IU, a non-profic organization dedicated to sponsoring girls' education in the developing world.Natalie is on the Opinion Editorial Board of the student-run campus newspaper, the Indiana Daily Student. She is also a staff writer for College Lifestyles Indiana University Satellite.Her hobbies/addictions include French cuisine, world travel, Cheerios, and spontaneous photo-bombing.
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