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4 Simple Hairstyles for Girls on the Go

With summer quickly approaching and finals week looming ahead, the last thing on your mind is spending precious time in the mirror fixing your hair. Lucky for you, these effortless hairstyles will have you looking major and, most importantly, out the door in no time.


Top Knot: The top knot is like the sock bun’s wild younger sister. When you wake up 5 minutes before class starts, who really has time to roll a sock into their hair? Not me. Begin by brushing your hair back into a high ponytail. Grab hold of your ponytail and spiral it in a clockwise motion on top of your head. Secure with an elastic and bobby pin any stray hairs. Quick tip: Buns look best when your hair is a little dirty (Seriously!)

Style time: 2 minutes


Fishtail Braid: The fishtail braid can be worn in so many different ways. Perhaps my favorite thing about this hairstyle is that it can be dressed up or dressed down. While it might take you an extra minute or two to braid your hair, no one will notice that you just rolled out of bed. Gather your hair and separate it into two sections. Take a small piece of hair from the left section and cross over the whole section bringing the piece to the center. Repeat on the right side. Continue to alternate sections and bring hair to the center. When all your hair is braided, fasten with elastic. Leave your hair as is or gently pull apart the braid for a messy look. Quick tip: Before braiding, secure hair into ponytail with elastic. After you’re done braiding snip out the elastic with scissors.

Style time: 5-6 minutes (depending on length of hair.)


Headband Twist: This hairstyle takes headbands to a new level. Your friends will “ooh” and “ahh” and beg you to teach them how to get their hair to look like yours. It can be our little secret that it only took you a few minutes! Put an elastic headband (jeweled and flower adornment are extra cute!) around your head. Take a section of hair, twirl it away from your face, and loop around headband. Repeat using as much or as little hair as you’d like. Quick tip: To easily place headband around head, gently place it on top of your head and hold the back with your thumbs and front with your ring fingers. Using those fingers, slowly push headband down onto head. Voila!

Style time: 3-4 minutes


Sleek Ponytail: Ponytails aren’t just for the gym anymore. Believe it or not they’re actually becoming super chic and the best news? They’re so simple! Gather hair at the nape of the neck or middle of the head. Leave some volume at the crown and secure with ponytail. No really. It’s that simple. Quick tip: For a loose, laid back look, part your hair in the middle. For a chic sophisticated look, pull your hair straight back and hairspray. Tease ponytail for more volume.

Style time: 2 minutes

*Spruce up any of these looks by adding hair accessories. Head wraps are so in right now!


Courtney Kabbes is a junior at Indiana University. She is majoring in journalism with a concentration in apparel merchandising. When she's not busy updating Her Campus IU and promoting their site, she works as the Vice President of Social Media for the Retail Studies Organization and Ed2010 at Indiana. Some of her favorite things include shopping, mint chocolate chip ice cream, New York City, Bikram yoga, and spending time with her two favorite people: her mother and sister. Did we forget to mention her slight obsession with Pinterest? www.pinterest.com/ckabbes
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