15 Songs to Listen to When the World Has Got You Down

Life’s tough? HCIU can help! Listen to these songs for an instant mood-booster!


  1. "All Time Low" by John Bellion

This song may be titled All Time Low, but the only place your mood will be going after listening to this song is up.


2. "From Eden" by Hozier

Between the light and airy acoustics and Hozier’s killer vocals, this song will make anyone smile.


3. "Junk of the Heart (Happy)" by The Kooks

This song has the word “happy” in the title. Enough said.


4. "Trap Queen- Acoustic" by Tyler Ward

Taking one of America’s most popular rap songs and turning it into an acoustic, chill jam is beyond impressive.


5. "Waste a Moment" by Kings of Leon

This song is all about enjoying the little things in life.


6. "Friday I’m In Love" by The Cure

Because everyone loves Friday, right?


7. "Death of a Bachelor" by Panic! At The Disco

This song is the perfect song to dance to!


8. "The Sound" by The 1975

I can’t say enough to vouch for Matt Healy’s energy and vocals.


9. "Hang On" by X Ambassadors

This song is all about taking charge of your own life and working hard to achieve your dreams. If this song does not motivate you to take one the world, what will?


10. "Gorgeous" by X Ambassadors

At this point, just add the entire VHS album to your queue.


11. "I Lived" by One Republic

This is the song that every movie producer puts at the end of romantic comedies to keep the mood light.


12. "When Did Your Heart Go Missing?" By Rooney

It’s 2017 and this song still makes me want to dance.


13. "Gotta Get Away" by The Black Keys

Any song about a road-trip is guaranteed to make someone smile.


14. "Electric Feel" by MGMT

I once listened to this song at least 100 times in one week and I am still not sick of it.


15. "Take Me Up" by Coleman Hell

This song is all about being a good friend… What is more light-hearted than that?


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